Bagan, Myanmar


Lodging at the Nothern Breeze Guest House. Gear by Fjallraven. If we can give any tips, it is to rent an E-bike see all of the temples as early in the morning (sunrise from a temple top is one of the most magical moments we have had on the trip), NOT in the middle of the day as we did the first day. The heat is no joke in Bagan! But the stunning views of the ancient temples make up for it. We also didn't feel it was necessary to hire a guide. It was fun exploring and off roading a bit to what ever look interesting to us. Also, be sure to eat at Be Kind to Animals The Moon. It was the best food we had throughout all of Myanmar. To get to Bagan, it's about a 10 hour bus ride from Yangon (splurge the extra couple dollars and make sure to get the VIP bus!).